First your parents, they give you your life, but then they try to give you their life.” – Chuck Palahniuk


Published on : 17-11-2021

Being a parent is not an easy task especially nowadays as it’s a challenge to be a parent.

Being a parent doesn’t mean just having a child, but it starts from giving birth, raising and making the child capable enough to look after himself /herself independently. Parenting starts from taking your child from bed till tucking back to bed. It’s one of the fulltime jobs without any formal training and background. The only backup or support you have is of your spouse, whom you treat as a leader, a junior or as a colleague to run your parenting task.

I believe we cannot have or create any bible for being a good parent. All we can do is share some tips that come from experiences over time.

This blog is not about what we should do? It’s about what we are doing.

No two children should be compared as each child is special in its own ways, in the same manner, no two parents can be compared or taught about parenting.

Being a mommy to a six-year-old prince of mine, I can surely say that every day I am trying, failing, and learning from the basic needs of my child. Each day is an achievement for me for making him complete his homework or finishing his plate.

Daily, I have to come up with new ideas to make him listen to me. As with time these ideas expire, he has become a master in avoiding all of my so-called super ideas.

Amid this pandemic, all the parents have been an integral support to one of the pillars of our nation, that is education. Also, it has been done by them without any parental guidance. It’s always good to conceive good thoughts and ideas from others to suppress stress as a parent, but nobody can tell you how to be a good parent to your own little world. I believe parenting with confidence comes from knowledge; parenting with grace comes from insight.

It’s for all the tangled mommies and confused daddies, trust me you all have been amazing kings or queens to your little kingdoms.

We all are perfectly perfect with our imperfections.

Still, there are a few universal parenting tips to make your journey smooth and joyful with your child.

  • Always be calm with your child.

  • Never raise your voice with them.

  • Both parents should have some family time with their kids.

  • Always listen to them.

  • Be involved in your child's life and activities.

  • Treat your child with respect.

  • Do set some rules and limits for your child.

  • Use assertive punishment and discipline.

This list is endless as each duo of parent and child have their own movie and rhyme of life ….

All I can say is that you can follow fellow parents who have gone down the road you are traveling and can point out the bumps in the road or at least sit with you and help you buckle your seat belt, but to thrive in parenthood you need your own best.


Sweta Raghav

Senior Wing Coordinator