Technology and Teaching: How better do they go together?


Published on : 08-10-2021

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.
- By John Dewey

As change is the only constant; with each passing year, there is a change in teaching trends that is more or less different from the previous year. The above-mentioned quote holds so true nowadays when there is so much diversification in the education sector, especially during this pandemic. The conventional ways of classroom teaching have been replaced by the Online mode of teaching. After a year of hit and trial methods, we can now say that this new method of teaching is much innovative and comprehensive as compared to the traditional method of teaching and with the use of technology now we can provide an easy understanding of the concepts to the students as well as teachers can explore new methodologies of teaching. Technology has showcased its presence almost everywhere, with the field of education being benefitted as well. Technology and teaching together help to enhance the child’s learning capability by providing them flexible learning. At RGS we have realized that each student learns differently, some might learn by YouTube tutorial to understand the concept while others might complete an Online Activity or a game that provides instant feedback. During Online Classes, the most difficult task is to hold the attention of learners. Our teachers work really hard and motivate students to learn and keep them engaged through different platforms available online like Google Classroom, Prezi, Animoto, quizziz, padlet ,flipgrid ,kahoot , prodigy and many more. We have amalgamated technology in the form of Google Suite to provide easy access to the resources available anytime and anywhere. To equip teachers with the latest educational technology and tools various workshops, webinars and surveys are organized time to time.
The concept of online education provides the school after school benefits. Also, with new ways and ample teaching resource material available for teachers, they have now become all the more expert educators which in-turn help them deliver quality lectures and conduct much interactive educational sessions. Right from theoretical to practical aspects of subjects, each and everything can be taught and learnt with so much ease and expertise. Classes which have now become Online classes actually deliver smart lectures thus making students smarter. Students with different kinds of learning behaviour and special needs have benefitted the most from technology blended education. Interactive pictures and videos, classroom like blackboard teaching and assessment tests of all the levels has particularly made subjects easy for anyone and everyone to understand. Technology has surely done wonders in education sector.

~Neha Singh

Middle Wing Coordinator