Our Vision

The vision for RGS is to create a ‘School with a Difference’- where the learners are champions of their own success.
The School aims at encouraging a love for learning, collaboration, and compassion for others. It lays great stress on skill acquisition, value-orientation and the all-round development of their body, mind, and spirit focusing towards creating a loving community of purposeful learning.

Additionally, the School aims at instilling the spirit of national integration and pride in our Country’s rich and varied cultural heritage, a compassion for the lesser privileged and a responsible attitude towards the environment and sustainability.
To achieve these objectives, the School endeavours through a concerted effort of the school management, parents, staff and students to create a four sided area of excellence, providing the optimum environment for quality education. It is also the avowed and eloquent policy to strive for excellence without elitism and to create an environment that promotes harmony and mutual respect.