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School Curriculum

School Curriculum

Raghav Global School has a comprehensive curriculum of excellence focusing on the experiential methodology experience that brings about diverse learning among student and making learning a Happy Learning Adventure!

The medium of instruction is English and the second language for all classes is Hindi till grade IX, along with a mandatory third language – French/ Spanish/ German/ Sanskrit as an option.

Age appropriate curriculum based on NCF guidelines along with co-curriculum activities are the focus of our school curriculum for Grade I to Grade VIII.  And from Grade IX upwards it is based on CBSE Pattern.

Physical Education (PE) is an essential part of the curriculum.

At RGS, the emphasis is on achieving academics, excellence via innovative teaching-learning methodologies. Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity & imagination, communication & leadership projects are encouraged students. Rote learning is discouraged.

The teacher’s responsibility lies in motivating & inspiring each child thus building their confidence, scaffolding them & leading them towards a deeper and a clearer comprehension and understanding of concepts.

At RGS, we focus on holistic development of the child helping children learn academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically is the real purpose of school.

Curriculum Junior School (Grade I to Grade V)-:

At RGS, we focus on the language skills, mathematics skills & theme based learning.  The subject formally introduced at this level are English, Hindi, Math, EVS, Computer, third language  (French/German/ Spanish/Sanskrit). The learning at this level is more interactive and enquiry based and all subjects are integrated and synced with the syllabus under the NCF Guidelines.

Curriculum Middle School (Grade V to Grade VIII)-:

At RGS, here the focus is on the diverse foundation of subjects EVS into Science & Social Science. At this Stage we follow the CBSE pattern. We have a choice between (Hindi/Sanskrit).The Subjects formally introduced at this level are English, Math, Science, Social Science, Hindi, computer and Third language.

Curriculum Senior School (Grade IX to Grade XII)-:

At RGS, at this level we follow CBSE pattern here the subjects formally introduced at this level are diverse such as Science into Physics, Chemistry, Biology , Social Science into History, Civics, Geography. We also have a choice between Sanskrit/ Hindi as a second language in Grade I. Stream of 10+2 Science, Commerce, Humanities, Group-work,  Group-discussion, Class interaction, smart class module, class room interaction, project work,  PowerPoint  presentation power tools used at this level.


At Raghav Global School, we offer scholarship to our young scholars used an academics, cultural and sports proficiency.

External Examination-:

At RGS, we also provide various platforms to our students to compete at various levels and conduct various external examinations such as NTSE, NSO, NCO, ISO, IMO, IEO, IGO, IGKO, NIE etc. The school also organized National Olympiads and external examination in various co-scholastic area such as sports, linguistic, art & craft, children are also exposed to Life Skills, Value Education and other workshop to action the excellence as well.




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