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Teaching- learning at RGS Noida is reflective and participatory, where teachers undergo extensive trainings to encourage enquiry based, nature based, skill based learnings that help learners to become confident future ready global citizens. Thoughtful use of technology scaffolds the teaching-learning process in almost every sphere of scholastic and co-scholastic domains.

We, at RGS take pride in our highly qualified and experienced faculty who strive to prepare diverse learners for creative problem solving, effective communication, dynamic leadership, international understanding, and responsible citizenship in the global context.

All our faculty members are British Council trained and certified in promoting Core Skills.

British Council Trained Faculties

School Co-ordinator

Academics Co-ordinator Ms. Neha Singh
Activity Co-ordinator Ms. Parul Khanduri

Wing Incharges

Incharge 1 Ms. Sujata Dey Purkayastha (Nursery)
Incharge 2 Ms. Sonam Bakshi (Prep)
Incharge 3 Ms. Vasudha Verma (Grade 1 – Grade 3)
Incharge 4 Ms. Ekjot Sachdeva (Grade 4 – Grade 5)
Incharge 5 Ms. Nalini Singh (Grade 6 – Grade 8)
Incharge 6 Ms. Sweta Raghav (Grade 9 – Grade 11)

Pre Primary Facilitators

Mentor 1 Ms. Sujata Dey Purkayastha
Mentor 2 Ms. Sarbani Biswas
Mentor 3 Ms. Manjari Kapur
Mentor 4 Ms. Sonam Bakshi
Mentor 5 Ms. Jyotika Morris
Mentor 6 Ms. Gayatri Bhardwaj
Mentor 7 Ms. Gargi Chaturvedi

Primary Wing Facilitators

Mentor 1 Ms. Trapti Singhal
Mentor 2 Ms. Disha Sharma
Mentor 3 Ms. Ruchi Bhatt
Mentor 4 Ms. Sonal Raj
Mentor 5 Ms. Swati Sahni
Mentor 6 Ms. Vasudha Verma
Mentor 7 Ms. Nupur Tyagi
Mentor 8 Ms. Akanksha Sharma
Mentor 9 Ms. Pragya Upadhyay
Mentor 10 Ms. Renu Sharma
Mentor 11 Ms. Rhythema Paul
Mentor 12 Ms. Koyeli Mazumdar
Mentor 13 Ms. Ranjana Yadav
Mentor 14 Ms. Sneha Banerjee
Mentor 15 Ms. Shalini Yadav
Mentor 16 Ms. Ekjot Sachdeva
Mentor 17 Ms. Mamta Rani
Mentor 18 Ms. Priya Gupta

Middle Wing Facilitators

Mentor 1 Ms. Kanu Priya
Mentor 2 Ms. Lata Singh
Mentor 3 Ms. Arooshi Jain
Mentor 4 Ms. Nalini Singh
Mentor 5 Ms. Sakshi Bhatnagar
Mentor 6 Mr. Ashish Bhardwaj
Mentor 7 Ms. Monalisa Mitra
Mentor 8 Ms. Neha Singh
Mentor 9 Ms. Parul Khanduri
Mentor 10 Ms. Mansi Kalra
Mentor 11 Ms. Shakambari Bansal

Senior Wing Facilitators

Mentor 1 Ms. Pratika Arora
Mentor 2 Ms. Sonia Sharma
Mentor 3 Ms. Sweta Raghav
Mentor 4 Ms. Anjali Wandalkar
Mentor 5 Mr. RB Singh
Mentor 6 Ms. Rati Dhawan

Activity Facilitators

Mentor 1 Ms. Nirupa Singh
Mentor 2 Ms. Payal Parti
Mentor 3 Ms. Sampada Pathak
Mentor 4 Ms. Shivani Soni
Mentor 5 Mr. Abdullah Qureshi
Mentor 6 Mr. Faimuddin
Mentor 7 Mr. Sumit
Mentor 8 Mr. Om Thapa
Mentor 9 Mr. Manoj Kumar
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