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The School provides a wide range of sports, games and other facilities. Recreational outdoor picnics and excursions.

The School Auditorium with a capacity of 600, when completed, will be a major facility in the School. It will be the most modern auditorium with a full range of light and sound systems, for a variety of activities for the development of the student’s latent talents. The classrooms are colorful, well ventilated with plenty of space for students and teachers to move around and interact. Lessons are taught with the help of Tata Edge smart classes.

Computer Laboratory :At RGS, well equipped computer lab serves as the centre for teaching computer.  The lab is fitted with latest generation of computers and accessories. These labs are also used by teachers to update their own and student’s knowledge on various subjects and are also used for resource, or for creating technology-based projects present and creatively present the content that they have gathered.

Science Laboratory :The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology etc. In order to understand its concepts well, one goes beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching, where less comes in to place. Students get to explore experiment and form their own conclusions.

Montessori Lab :School has well-equipped Montessori lab which helps our toddlers to develop their psychomotor skills which can imagine, identify and develop their concentration.

Language Laboratory :Language learning is not the same as learning any other subject. It is not confined to writing an exam. There are many teaching-learning materials available in the Language Lab in order to enhance the letter-sound association and follow the whole language approach.

Art and Craft Room :Art and Crafts particularly aids learning in other areas like Language, Music, Art, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics apart from developing concepts on colour theory, perspective and various other elements of art.

The School Library :Keeping in mind the interest of students, the school has a well-equipped library. There are more than 5000 books in both English and Hindi and magazines and periodicals of student interest.

Harit Pathshaala :Harit Pathshaala is a nature based outdoor classroom set up for students and teachers that endeavours the conceptualization and is created to promote love for nature and well being of the mind, body and soul.

The Zen Garden:The Zen Garden’ are our signature seamless nature based learning spaces; where we sensitize them for being one with nature, mindfulness and learning at their own pace. We firmly believe the joys of learning enhance when there is a harmonious balance and dynamic integration with the natural environment.

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