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Evening Activity Centre

Evening Activity Centre

Cricket is not only a fun and popular sport, but also a social game to play. It is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by boys and girls from as young as 5 years old.

The Rising Wonder Cricket Academy aims to provide quality cricket training, identify and promote emerging cricketing talent for boys and girls in a very safe, comfortable coaching environment under the supervision of trained Cricket coaches.

The coaching programmes of the Academy focuses on all aspects of the game – fielding, batting and bowling.It focuses on developing the fundamentals of the game, from basics to advance techniques and skills. The training is provided in a fun and relaxed manner promoting innovative drills guaranteed to improve all requisite skills of the game.

Ashoka Football Training Center has set up a training academy at Raghav Global School. Mr.AnadiBarua, Former international Footballer and one of the current selectors for the Indian team, will be supervising the academy. He has the privilege of coaching the Delhi State Santosh Trophy team. He holds a diploma in coaching conducted by FIFA at Brazil.  He also holds Asian Football Confederation (AFC) coach Licence.

Mindgames- The Chess Academy at Raghav Global School.This is a platform that we have developed for Amateur players and Professional players specially school students who are willing to practice against our coaches. The objective is to enhance the theoretical knowledge, decision making and strategic thinking of the students. It promotes the brain growth and builds inner confidence.

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