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Education Partners

Our Education Partners

Google for Education  – 

‘Learners today need digital literacy skills to be successful in and outside of the classroom.’ Raghav Global School, Noida has collaborated with Google for Digital Learning programme. Google for Education programme equips schools with special teaching-learning aids devised by Google classroom. The content and digital gadgets are geared to increase retention power and help students obtain lifelong learning, thus ensuring performance enhancement.

Heritageshaala join hands With Raghav Global School, Noida-
‘HeritageShaala’ is a cultural based learning programme for teachers, students, that can empower them to learn various management, curriculum & co-curriculum topics through events of History, Architecture, Historic incidents, Language, Food, and Culture are closely observed to find patterns, that match with modern day events. Heritageshaala Lab is s being set up in School to perform various research experiments, to teach Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Art through History, under the guidance and support of a renowned teacher Mr.Vikramjeet Singh Rooprai,
Trainer and Heritage Activist who is well known for his techniques to use History, to teach other subjects .

Tata Class Edge( Inspired Schooling )

Tata Class Edge provides an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowers teachers to teach better, with an effective blend of curriculum-mapped classroom activities and interactive multimedia. Tata ClassEdge’s proprietary instructional framework, Multiple Learning Experiences (MLEx™) model, makes use of distinct types of activities that promote social and thinking skills in students, including critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, research orientation and communication skills.

PBL (Project Based Learning)

PBL is a powerful instructional method for weaving various concepts and skills into the curriculum using real-life experiences. The projects are designed to present real issues or problems to students in such a way that they feel responsible to find out workable solutions. The authenticity of the problem is the driving force for students, which makes them responsible for their learning.   It also gives opportunities to students to use a variety of methods for finding out things (for example, observing, collecting data, and conducting research and interviews).

They do these activities in small as well as large groups. In the process, they learn to work with others, manage conflicts, communicate effectively and solve problems together. Another key feature of PBL is its integration of subjects. Each project weaves together concepts and skills from a variety of disciplines. These interconnections are visible to students as they engage with real-life situations.  The project ends with a culmination where students showcase their learning through products generated by them, such as models or real-life setups, answering questions, self-peer-reflection, plays and skits, songs and activities.

The Motivation (Special Needs Centre) – 

Our Special Education Collaboration ensures that no child is left behind. We are strong promoters of an inclusive learning environment, however, when a situation demands we adopt integration to facilitate learning and skill development. The Special Education mentors, in conjunction with classroom teachers have a commitment towards creating an effective climate for learning by sharing all available information about a child’s abilities pertinent to the child’s performance in an educational setting. Our focus remains on the abilities of a child while creating Individual Educational Plans so that they can become good advocates for themselves in all settings.

RGS Gardening Hub

RGS Gardening Hub is a holistic endeavor to inculcate a spirit of nurturing and tending towards nature via Gardening.
It is named after the Greek Goddess representing Mother Nature- GAIA, the one who provides the life force for all beings.
Young children take up year-long gardening projects and learn to value and nurture life-giving nature as part of their experiential learning journey. Being in nature helps children to appreciate the cycles of life and the interdependence of plants, animals and humans.

Harit Pathshaala

Harit Pathshaala is a nature based outdoor classroom set up for students and teachers that endeavours the conceptualization and is created to promote love for nature and well being of the mind, body and soul.

Science Olympiad Foundation ( SOF )

SOF is an Educational Organization popularizing academic competition and assisting the development of competitive spirit among school children.

SOF was established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities with the aim of promoting science, mathematics, computer education, English, General Knowledge and professional courses. Science Olympiad Foundation has been striving for over two decades to promote scientific attitude and temperament through innovative activities and use of IT in the learning process that involve school students across the country.

The Zen Garden

The Zen Garden’ are our signature seamless nature based learning spaces; where we sensitize them for being one with nature, mindfulness and learning at their own pace. We firmly believe the joys of learning enhance when there is a harmonious balance and dynamic integration with the natural environment.

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